Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thought of the Day

It's an interesting thing to see how we as a society have evolved and how quickly we "civilized." The most interesting thing about society is that we "civilized" in a relatively short period of time, coming from groups of equals and devoid of a hierarchy to a vastly unequal society in terms of the wealth gaps and health care gaps. What has brought about such a significant boost in wealth and further stratification of our classes? It seems we are slowly moving to a two class society, one of the rich and one of the poor. The most alarming thing is the lack of opportunity of mobility. That is to say, we no longer have the liquidity we once did years ago. People now are either rich or perpetually working. Then again, we have also made leaps and bounds towards the industrialization of society and the developments in science and medical are quite extraordinary, but at what cost? It seems we are allowing society to become much like a rubber band, stretched out till we eventually snap and we are soon thrust into chaos. What then?

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